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Audacious Mamas - Grow, Heal, Thrive: Tips for single mompreneur survivor success

Are you an Audacious Mama? A mom in business for herself who’s raising, kids and building a profitable business? Audacious Mamas show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, and they do! Join Steph as she interviews victorious moms juggling it all and sharing how their home life ties into their business. Learn tips and strategies on running your business and being as efficient as possible to free up your time while you grow your income. We’ll also explore products and systems that make life and business easier for female entrepreneurs. Subscribe and join the Audacious Mamas Community - we’d love to have your input!

Feb 7, 2023

AI Productivity with ChatGPT and Descript

Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency Instantly with ChatGPT and Descript

This episode discusses the downside of using Chat GPT and how it can negatively impact SEO. Provides a solution to improve SEO rankings, as well as a mystery tool which may help with the primary problem of Chat GPT. The conversation then shifts to the struggles of being a single parent and a mom with a sick child and how automation and AI can help to manage a business despite the challenging circumstances. Steph acknowledges the mixed feelings towards AI, emphasizing the importance of finding the right tools to make life easier.


Chat GP and Descript are two tools that can help save time when it comes to creating content. Chat GPT is an AI tool with a natural language foundation that generates robotic text. Both tools can help shave time off of content creation, allowing creators to focus more on relaxing and enjoying their work.



Steph found Julia McCoy's work through a search and was wowed by her content and offerings. Julia is an experienced writer, founder, and SEO expert. She argues that using a chatbot to generate content won't work because it won't pass Google's filters. Steph then introduces Descript, an audio and video editing and transcript creation tool that can be used to create content. It has filters that can save time, such as one that takes out large gaps in audio and video, which is helpful when you're exhausted, out of coffee, or have cognitive issues.


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool to help with creating content from transcripts or audio recordings. It can remove filler words, repetitive words, and words that don't make sense—in her test, she asked is to create a series of tweets, quotes from a transcript. It can save a lot of time for those who don't have the capacity to write. 


Content Hacker

Content at Scale







0:00:00 "Chat GPT: The Downsides and How to Improve Your SEO"


0:02:10 Exploring AI Tools to Streamline Writing Process and Save Time


0:03:38 Exploring the Benefits of Using Descript for Audio and Video Transcription


0:05:15 "Unlock the Power of Natural Language with Chat GPT"


0:10:08 Exploring AI Content Creation Tools with Julia McCoy of Content Hacker


0:13:56 "Finding Time for Self-Care: How Shortcuts Can Help Moms and Women Balance Life and Accomplish Goals"


0:15:39 "Exploring the Benefits of AI-Powered Content Creation with Julia from Content at Scale"


0:17:21 "Using Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Content Creation with Descript and Content at Scale"




She became the VP of Marketing at Content at Scale, an AI tool that's superior in writing true human-like longform text --the best AI Julia has found. She created a concept called AIO, which is artificial Intelligence Optimization for writers, the AIO process.


My goal is to save you, mamas and women, time. Like, we have all this motivation. We have the gifts, the skills, the knowledge. We want to do these things.


Consider using tools, and leveraging them in a way that will save you time. But don't just rely on the tools. That's why I suggest taking your content in your voice, your interviews, whatever.


And this tool can create fantastic blog posts and things like that with SEO baked in. It's saved her a lot of time. I just saw her video, and it's super impressive.


Whatever the angle you want to pull from the podcast, YouTube Live, whatever it is that you're using as the foundation for Chat GPT, right? Because it's basing it on natural language, it will turn out way better.