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May 9, 2022

Mother's Day - Honoring Moms through loss - celebrating YOU


Mother's Day - Honoring Moms through loss - celebrating YOU!

Man, it has been a crazy wild last two years, and I was thinking about this episode and how to honor moms and all that moms have been through because I think of all that people have been through, the most significant weight has been put upon mothers and mother figures, caregivers, for sure, over the last two years.

And so some moms are just spent and at their wit's end, and some mothers, through all of this, have learned to figure out more self-care, how to realign themselves, maybe with better jobs or with delegating things around the house so that they can take back their time and not be this wonder woman, super supermom.

And then many of us also have lost parents. I lost my mom 16 years ago. Her mom right after that, so two maternal figures poof!--both were gone. I didn't have my kids until two years later, but that hole was there. Through this pandemic, so many people have lost their parents, their mothers, and loved ones. Or their parents are battling illness now. It's a lot, and it can make this day a big mixed bag of emotions.

I get it. I'm sharing some thoughts about my mother, my grandmother, the sorrow I've felt for my mother never meeting my children, and how I turned that around last year, determined to start a new tradition for Mother's Day. And I have some ideas for turning things around for yourself so life can be sweeter and you can maintain more life in life in spite of inflation, pandemics, and dark news in the world.

As mentioned in this episode

This Thing Called You - by Ernest Holmes (Book)

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I hope you got through Mother's Day with some bright spots. If you need someone to tell you, you're doing GREAT!! 

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