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Audacious Mamas - Grow, Heal, Thrive: Tips for single mompreneur survivor success

Are you an Audacious Mama? A mom in business for herself who’s raising, kids and building a profitable business? Audacious Mamas show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, and they do! Join Steph as she interviews victorious moms juggling it all and sharing how their home life ties into their business. Learn tips and strategies on running your business and being as efficient as possible to free up your time while you grow your income. We’ll also explore products and systems that make life and business easier for female entrepreneurs. Subscribe and join the Audacious Mamas Community - we’d love to have your input!

Jun 19, 2019

Beating the Odds to Lead and Win with Greta Bajrami

Moms in business often search for other successful moms and women in biz who've created something special that resonates with their own ideals and dreams. We see her as a symbol. If she can do it, why not me? takes a while to find that person who reflects the qualities you connect with including thinking BIG and achieving something more substantial with meaning. Greta Bajrami is that rare find.

Greta is the Owner and Founder of Golden Group Construction. She started the company at just 21 years old while still attending Worcester State University.

And nothing in Greta's upbringing or early adult life hinted that she would step into a male-dominated industry as a young mom and fresh college grad. She hustled her days in college and nights she learned customer service waiting tables at Legal Seafoods.

But when she and her husband Freddy sparked an idea for the roofing industry, they shared a big vision and went for it.

Together they built a trustworthy company built on integrity, a high level of personalized customer service, attention to detail, and utmost respect for homeowners. All these qualities and years of hard work created a multimillion dollar company while Greta was still in her twenties -- she's barely 30 now!

She embodies the bold character and tenacity I think of when I envision an Audacious Mama. She is it!

I'm proud to share her story here, I hope you will too!

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