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Mar 22, 2021

What is the Clubhouse App? Should you be using it for your business?

The Clubhouse app isn't exactly new, but it does seem to be catching on, and maybe you've heard about it for a while, but you haven't felt compelled to jump in. Or perhaps you want to stay the course and avoid yet another social media.


I get it! Time is scarce, and the question of whether it's worth jumping to another platform is legit.


Here I explain some of the pros and cons of this compelling new platform and the basics of how it works.


If you're looking to feel more connected from time to time, is it THE BEST way to create high-value connections and partnerships quickly? It's an intimate platform, so there's a lot less posturing and more GENUINE relationships.


If you're looking for free learning and mentorship, ways to connect with angel investors, get brand deals, or connect and become a better speaker or a full-blown influencer in a new arena, this platform has it all.


Plus, they're rolling out their Creator First program, and you could have support for your own show with sponsorship or with Clubhouse paying you $5K/month for the 3 months you work with them to launch your show. Not bad!


Here's more about the app itself and the Creator First program with the application below. The deadline is March 31.


Clubhouse creator program $5K/month


Application and Deadline of March 31, 2021

Thanks for listening!

Love, Steph xoxo